unCUlturers: musings on organizational culture & development (and stuff about credit unions too)
Training magazine has published a couple articles of mine within the past weeks. Here's part of one of them:

"Corporate mission statements and core values lists are filled with buzzwords, aren’t they? I’ve said it time and again to various folks I know in the larger business world. You can keep your catchphrases, because until those ideas translate into the culture of an organization, they’re useless.The trap many teams and organizations fall into is mistaking their excitement about a certain catchphrase or concept for actual, cultural change or identity.

The question then becomes 'How can executive teams and organizational development practitioners get things from being simply catchphrases to actually being defining elements of organizational culture?'

I’m so glad you asked. There are a few steps an organization can take to work toward a unified cultural vision, and then some ideas around what we within the training and development world can do to help drive that change."

Check out the rest of the article at Training magazine's website here.