unCUlturers: musings on organizational culture & development (and stuff about credit unions too)
Being an unculturer isn't easy, regardless of the scenario within which you're attempting it. We see this all the time, and in a variety of settings. For example, think about the one who doesn't quite fit the mold in his or her church or religious group (it's Sunday, so this example seems appropriate). Sometimes, in some groups, that's OK, granted. But other times, in other groups, it's definitely not. You can be maligned, frowned upon, looked down on, talked about (actually, usually whispered about), and so on. 

That means you've really got to believe in what you're doing. It's got to be important. It's got to be more than adopting a slogan, and it's got to be more than becoming a non-conformist for the sake of becoming a non-conformist. There must be a compelling reason. Something you believe deeply in. Something that's good, courageous, daring, and for the greater good of the group. Something that becomes more important than "their" acceptance. 

This isn't easy. Important things rarely are.

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