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Why do so many organizations, be they churches, non-profits, or corporations, claim to really engage their people; while people at these same organizations would have a hard time agreeing  that that's the case?

Odd, yet sadly predictable in many scenarios...
1/3/2011 11:40:07 am

My thoughts: I think many organizations know that their folks are disengaged, or not as engaged as they want. Part of the deception is that "if I tell folks that we're engaging, maybe they'll believe it and get involved."

Volunteer-led organizations lose steam trying to include others - shortage of hours/energy (ASTD/Churches).

Corporations fail to engage because it's so hard to tie to the bottom-line and it lives in HR or training, which are often seen as legal necessities. If ops beat the drum about engagement, there would be a totally different reaction to it.

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