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Many of you have been there. For many, there is a turning point in your professional lives; a point where you went from credit union (or insert your employer here) employee to passionate credit union advocate. My questions are as follows:

How did this happen?

What reasons or ideas did you find most compelling?

As I've been in contact with various credit union folks around the country, I've found that a lot of credit unions (and other types of businesses as well) have the same dilemma. They have scores, hundreds even, of employees who are just there. They're there, they're doing their jobs, they're punching the clock; but they're not really engaged and passionate about their position, their own credit union, or the credit union movement as a whole.

What can we do about it? What will you do about it?

01/21/2011 11:43

In our experience, you can't compel people to be compelled. Whether they are engaged in their work is based on one primary thing: if they see their job as a vehicle that will help them get closer to who they want to be in life. I don't mean WHAT they want to be (rich, famous, free etc. Rather I mean WHO they want to be--what type of person, living what values, having what experiences, etc. Either their work helps them get closer to this state of being, or it doesn't. If it does, they are engaged. If not, they aren't.

There are a couple big obstacles to achieving this, though:
1) many people don't even know who they want to be...so using work as a vehicle to get there isn't going to happen because they don't even know what their aim is
2) this process of "using work as a vehicle to get closer to being who I want to be" is usually a subconscious process--most of them don't consciously think of it in those terms. They just know if they care about their work, or if they don't.

Our job as fosters of culture, then, is to help people get in touch with who they want to be, and then help them figure out if and how their work can help them get there. Sometimes the answer will be "it can't."

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