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Well, I'm back from the 2010 Credit Union Water Cooler Symposium. I'll have plenty to say about the experience over the coming days and weeks, and my gut tells me the Symposium is only the beginning of even larger conversations that will undoubtedly take place around the credit union world. I'm pretty stoked, and hope to engage many of my newfound colleagues here on my blog. CU heretics, it was good to be with you. Let's get started making a difference.

More to come...

10/29/2010 21:45

"CU Heretics" is pure poetry.

Thank you for joining us. I'm worn out, and my little brain is full. It was all worth it.

10/29/2010 21:50

Where can I find CU Heretics?

10/30/2010 01:24

Glad you were able to make it! We need more "heretics" like you out there. Looking forward to reading more from you soon.

10/30/2010 05:15

@Matt, it was rad meeting you. It was great being a part of what went down. More on that soon.

@Morriss, you can find them everywhere, lurking, waiting, restless. And they were all over the place at the Symposium. I'm one of them.

@Andy, glad to call you a friend. Thanks for the kind words. You've been an encouragement to me, and for that I'm very grateful. It can be lonely being a CU heretic at times, and that's why this conference was so encouraging.


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