unCUlturers: musings on organizational culture & development (and stuff about credit unions too)
Well, I’ll provide an overly simplistic answer, and then a quick example that will hopefully clarify to some degree what I mean when I use that non-word. An unculturer is simply someone within any group or organization (any company, church, team, non-profit, community, etc) who is unafraid of being countercultural for the good of the organization, group, or even society in general. And when I say countercultural, I’m referring to running counter to the culture that is already in place within a given entity.

For example, an unculturer is one who, while functioning daily in an atmosphere of politics and distrust within his or her organization, decides to step outside the expected norm and be vulnerable, honest, and happily imperfect. That person will stick out in a place like that. And it’s because they’re representative of the unculture. That person is an unculturer.

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